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We are excited to announce our latest word game “This Is To That – the Pop Culture Analogy Game!”

We give you an analogy like “ketchup is to hamburger as mustard is to ?” Then you simply tap the best answer (“hot dog”) from a pool of words.

• a fun way to workout your brain

• pop culture trivia
• colorful, modern graphics
• compare your score w/ your friends
• humorous fortunes from the Bonus Cookie
• no nasty typing or spelling

We know you’re as sharp as a Ninja’s sword and as fabulous as $1000 dollar pair of shoes. And we know you’re gonna love “This Is To That – - the Pop Culture Analogy Game!”

Download “This Is To That” for iOS

Download “This Is To That” for Android

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  1. Joanne chachko commented:

    I just upgraded for $1.99 yesterday and it is now not letting me go further than the free version…I defeated the app and tried to upload it again…but unable to upload…what do I do????

  2. Tanis commented:

    When I go to the apple site it gives me my husbands user name and not mine. How do I get it to default to my e-mail and passord

    • admin commented:

      Please tap settings button on your device, then tap itunes and App Store tab. Tap the Apple ID, sign out, finally sign in with your Apple ID.

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