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Rhymie Stymie – the new super fun rhyming word game.

We give you a short clue like “swine toupee” and you have to come up with a two word rhyming answer that means the same thing … like “pig wig.”

Easy peasy, right?

Can you figure out the two word rhyming answer for “criminal crustacean?” Think the Godfather meets melted butter and a seafood bib. That right! The answer is “mobster lobster.”

Does a word game have to be visually boring? No way, Jose! Hey, even word game lovers deserve some visual bling. And we’ve got your bling right here, baby! The more puzzles you solve, the more cool firework displays you unlock—from soaring sunflower fireworks to frisky fish, from erupting volcano fireworks to exploding super novas.

Collect tons of achievements and improve your rhyming rank. Can you go from “Poet and don’t know it” all the way up to “Freakin’ Shakespeare?”

There are 6 different puzzle packs to tease your brain and tickle your funny bone. You can choose from “animals” to “food” and from “Grab Bag” to “Surprise.” There’s even a brain busting “Challenge” pack for all you super savvy wordsters out there.

So if word games FLOAT your BOAT,
don’t be TARDY to this PARTY…
It’s TIME to RHYME!!


11 Opinions have been expressed on “Rhymie Stymie”

  1. Erec commented:

    Looking forward to playing this game

  2. Karen Mahon commented:

    Rhymie Stymie has been chosen as one of our Top Rated apps. Please contact me for details.

  3. dolores commented:

    I bought all the rhymie stymie 99 cent puzzles … now after loading windows 8.1 [??] it says I must buy them again! I copied the receipts from I-tunes into a word document. Please email me and let me know what’s going on. I LOVE this game … but hello??? I thought once I bought it I could replay it!!

    • admin commented:

      Hi Dolores,

      Please tap the “Options” button then the Restore All button. This should unlock your previous purchases. If you have trouble please email at jbacal@aol.com

      Best wishes,

  4. Marie commented:

    I hate errors and you made more than one on this game. “King of beats”. Should say “King of beasts”. Otheru pzzles use the wrong words as clues. I wish you put in a contact icon so we could report errors and poor word selections.

  5. Marie commented:

    I’ve found an annoying glitch. When replaying the level, it resets the Stymie each time, so you can’t fail. I also found, after buying packages of levels, that there’s a version for less money with all the levels included. I feel like I’ve been robbed!

  6. Sherri commented:

    I’ve been enjoying this game but suddenly easy, medium and hard all are the same. Can I somehow fix this? I got it from Itunes and use Apple .
    Id appreciate any help.

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