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Insulterator—the new talking insult generator!

Does your friend “kiss worse than a dizzy zombie” or “have more body hair than unshaven weasel?” The Insulterator will tell the truth.

Simply type in a friend’s name, slide the switch and the Insulterator will happily insult your friends—hurling one hilarious zinger after another.

Is the insult “totally random” or “right on target?” You and your friends will laugh your heads off trying to decide.

• Over 3 million different ways to insult your friends.

• Send your favorites to your friends by email or text message or just save them to your device for later playback.

• Add and delete your own words and phrases to create unlimited combinations.

• 5 different voices.

• Over 20 built-in voice presets including “whispering” and “Autotuna”

• Change the pitch, emotion and speed of each voice to create your own custom voice presets

• 6 different color schemes including “Kiss of the Ninja,” “Merlin’s Dream,” and “Silver Surf.”

And when you’re done insulting your friends with Insulterator, try analyzing their personalities with our other new free app “Friendalyzer!”

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  1. James Weigel commented:


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  2. Barton commented:

    Please update app for ios 11. My husband and son love it and it won’t work with new update. Thanks!

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