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Author Topic: Latest Bug News for Chain of Thought
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Post Latest Bug News for Chain of Thought
on: June 26, 2012, 07:51


We are working on fixes for the following bugs. We hope to get you the fixes very soon. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. Please let us know about any other issues you may discover.

--if you switch between puzzle packs in the middle of a round you may experience a crash upon completing the round.

--on iPods the screen occasionally freezes after closing the leaderboard or achievements display.

--the online player photos are not getting refreshed properly.

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  1. admin commented:

    Please feel free to posts your comments here.

  2. Charli Barrett commented:

    Is there a way to allow multiple players on one device for “Rhymie Stymie”?

    • admin commented:

      I will try to incorporate a real multiple player option into the next update.

      Currently, you can read the clues out loud to a group of friends or family, and you can all cooperate on solving the puzzles.

      Or after finishing a puzzle, you can tap the back button and hand the device to another person who can then try to solve the puzzle. The limitation with this method is that only the first player’s score and achievements will be saved.

      Thanks for commenting and keep those suggestions coming!

      Jay Bacal

  3. Vicki commented:

    Disappointing that you have to buy everything after the first 50 and you cannot earn a way in game to unlock anything.

    Are the puzzles meant to change when you set it to medium or hard? There seems to be no difference.

    Started with promise and amusement but now disappointed.

    • admin commented:

      Hi Vicki,

      Sorry you are disappointed. I thought 50 free puzzles would be enough to give people a good idea of game.

      The additional puzzle packs cost just .99 cents which is much less than a single Starbucks coffee. And while the puzzle packs might not taste as good as the Starbucks coffee, I’m betting they will last much longer and stimulate your brain even better than caffeine.

      I do not have any ads in my app (I dislike ads), so the only way to generate a little income is with the in-app purchases. I am just a one man (plus lovely and helpful wife) developer and I need some way to offset my own costs of spending many months developing this app. I hope you can understand my situation and I encourage you to support my ability to release updates for this app as well as several new word games still in development.

      I am confident that if you have enjoyed the game so far you will enjoy the additional puzzle packs as well.

      You are correct about the medium and hard level options. They do not change the puzzles. They simply adjust the number of hints you start with and the frequency with which you receive additional hints.

      Best wishes to you,

  4. Ryan Wade commented:

    Just wanted to let you know we’re featuring Insulterator and Friendalyzer on today.

    Thanks for dropping the price!

    Have a great day,


  5. Silverstone2828 commented:

    I adore this game and am glad to see RhymieStymie Plus at the App Store. I do have a question, though. If I buy RhymieStymie Plus, is this going to erase my RhymieStymie achievments and my score at the Game Center?

    Thanks so much :)

    • admin commented:

      Apple’s system treats RhymieStymie and RhymieStymie Plus as two separate games. So RhymieStymie Plus will not erase your scores and achievements from the original RhymieStymie. The original high scores and achievements will continue to display in Game Center under the original RhymieStymie. You can keep both versions of the game on your device if you wish. However, you will have to start the game from scratch when you begin playing RhymieStymie Plus, and you will have to re-earn your achievements and high scores(they will not transfer from the original game).

      Hopefully, you will not find this too frustrating.

      Best wishes,

      • Silverstone2828 commented:

        Oh, wonderful news :) I have no problem with replaying the full version–everyone should have a goal ;) My one Game Center claim to fame, however fleeting, is my RhymieStymie score, so I’m glad it can stay up for a little while longer.

        Again, thanks so much for a great game! Here’s a testimonial for you: RhymieStymie and one other game got me through three days of being snowed in recently. And I was kind of sorry when the snow melted and work returned ;)


  6. Tracy Li commented:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am Tracy, a manager of Nanjing Yipin Network Information Technology Co.,Ltd. of China. Your app called “RhymieStymie Plus – the complete rhyming word game” is very popular, so at our users’ request, I am writing to ask for some promo codes(About ten, and please also let me know the expiration date of them.). Would you like to share some with the Chinese users? As a present , I can give you a banner space(Please provide me with a 215px*160px GIF picture.) for a week on our platform to help you to promote it . Thank you very much! :-) Welcome to contact me:
    Telephone number: +86 025-58860349
    Best regards,

  7. Cindy commented:

    Hi Jay, I’ve been playing the light free version of your game “RhymieStymie” and have been having some problems with it.
    Being limited to only one hand (and
     that hand had surgery a few months ago…so it’s still in physical therapy) while my other hand is in a cast… can become really boring and really frustrating very quickly!
    To say that my mobility and dexterity is limited would be an understatement at best. I do not do well at all with games that require speed, accuracy and agility! I thought I would try your game “RhymieStymie” because I saw that speed was not required and I love word games. My problem seems to be because of the lack of flexibility and dexterity in my fingers.  I seem to keep touching the wrong letter…and thus ruining my game at a quick rate. I realize you can’t create an “undo” because that would allow for massive cheating. 

    Thank you in advance for your time 

    • admin commented:

      Hi Cindy,
      I hope both your hands fully recover soon.

      In the meanwhile, if you touch a letter and keep your finger down on the screen, a larger red-colored letter will appear above your finger. You can now slide your finger to a different letter if the first letter was not your intended target. Do not lift your finger up off the screen until you see the larger red version of the letter you want. This method should improve your accuracy.

      Also if you can gain access to an iPad during your recovery, the letter keys are MUCH larger on the iPad screen. The iPad version is much easier for fingers to manipulate (as well as older eyes like mine to see).

      Best wishes to you,

  8. Cindy commented:

    Thanks Jay. Unfortunately we have no IPad. I think it would be a good thing if when you guess the wrong letter and the word Stymie is filled in that it did not solve the puzzle for you or at least gave you the option of choosing to have it solved. If you happen to fill that word on your first letter guess of a new puzzle you basically lost the whole puzzle… I hope you include that in your next update. Cindy

    • admin commented:

      Hi Cindy,

      I like your suggestion and will attempt to include it in the next update.

      Best wishes to you,

  9. Cindy commented:


    I have the free version and was looking at buying “plus” but I have a question first… When I partially solve a puzzle and then have to leave the app, the next time I go back in, the letters I had in place have been removed  from the puzzle… The most frustrating part of this, is I had used a hint… and it keeps my hint and removes my letters :-(  Does this also happen in the full paid version??

    Thank you,

    • admin commented:

      Hi Cindy,

      If you simply close the program by pushing the “home button” on your device the letters you have already guessed should remain in place.

      However, If you turn off your device or completely shutdown the program then both versions of RhymieStymie (free and Plus) will behave the way you describe.

      You don’t lose the hint because you gained the knowledge of the correct letter. But I understand your point and will take another look at way the game is saved when you shut it down completely.

      I haven’t been able to implement the other feature we discussed yet because i’ve been putting all my time into finishing our second word game called “Chain of Thought.”. You might like this one because it does not require any typing so it should be quite easy to input the answers.

      Best wishes,

      • Cindy commented:

        Hi Jay,

        You are right to a point about having the knowledge… But the problem lies in the fact that by the time I go back into the game it may of been a few days and I don’t remember by then :-( I went ahead and bought your RhymieStymie Plus, so I hope you will be able to implement that feature I suggested of having the option of it guessing the words for you when you “stymied”. Are you going to create a plus version of Chain of Thought? Thx Cindy

        • admin commented:

          Hi Cindy,

          I will be implementing your RhymieStymie feature idea. I’m just not sure when I’ll actually find the time to do it.

          I am planning to offer a package discount on Chain of Thought puzzle packs when I get enough of them (probably 6). But this could take several months.

          Best wishes,

        • admin commented:

          Hi Cindy,

          I finally added the feature you requested to continue guessing the answer after you have been stymied. You can download the latest update (1.60) now. I hope it’s not too late for you to get some enjoyment from it.


  10. Glenda commented:

    Diapponted when I purchase chain of thought game that the two purchase related to pastry and vacations one gets knock off and you have restart again

    • admin commented:

      Hi Glenda,

      I’ m sorry you’re experiencing a problem with Chain of Thought. Would you mind explaining your issue in a little more detail. I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what is happening when you make your purchases. Are you saying the program crashes?

      Could you also tell me what device you are using, how much memory is in the device, and which version of the iOS the device is running?

      Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me about your issue.

      Best wishes,

  11. Josh commented:

    The UI is not working correctly. I’ll start solo play and all of the score, round number, puzzle, etc are all not in their place (or the background is possibly screwed up). Also in the 2nd half of a round there is a UI error that needs to be fixed. For some reason the first button in the second half does not work. When the buttons move after the first half to the second half one moves over the other, so it cannot be accessed. (the last button from the first half moves on top of the first button and there is a blank second button in the second half, if that makes sense. If not I have a few screen shots I can send that might help you understand more)

    I am running iOS 4.2.1 (8C148). I don’t remember what generation iPod touch it is, but model number MC086LL (right before they got cameras, if that helps)

    • Josh commented:

      Oh, also, forgot to mention, playing Chain of Thought

    • admin commented:

      Hi Josh,

      Apple should be releasing an update (version 1.01) that I sent them in the next day or two. Please let me know if this fixes any of your problems.

      Unfortunately, I’ve only been able test our app on the 4th generation iPod touch. Your iPod is either a second generation (if it has 8 GB’s of memory) or a third generation.

      Sorry for the problems,

  12. Josh commented:

    Also, in your Levels section the price for the other two (vacation and pastry) are null

  13. Pascha commented:

    Hi, I really love this game and find that it does stimulate my mind. I have recently completed all levels in the free version and chose to purchase the two In-App puzzle packs, but I have not found that I have access to them yet. I checked my bank statement and found that the two charges for .99 cents is pending in my bank account. Can you please advise me via email and as to what to do? Thank you in advance for your help:)

  14. admin commented:

    Hi Pascha,

    I’m sorry you are having trouble with the in-app purchases.

    Could you tell me which device you are using (for example iPhone), which generation the device is (for example iPod touch 2nd generation), and which version number of the iOS the device is running (for example iOS 5.0)?

    When you tapped on the “Pastry” and “Vacation” puzzle pack buttons, you should have been asked to confirm your purchase by entering your Apple ID password. Did this happen? If the transaction was approved by Apple, the puzzle packs should have become unlocked and you should have been able to push the “Pastry” and “Vacation” buttons and start playing the puzzles in those packs.

    What happens now when you push the “Pastry” or “Vacation” buttons on the “Levels” screen? Do you still see the star graphics on the buttons with the .99 cent price in the middle of the stars? Could you please send me a screen capture of your “Levels” screen?

    Here is something else you can try. Make certain your device is connected to the Internet. Then from the home screen, tap on the “Options” button. On the Options screen, tap on the restore purchases button. This is the button on the bottom left of the screen with the dollar sign symbol (“$”)on it. You should be asked to enter your Apple ID password. A few seconds after entering your password, you should see a pop-up screen saying “Restored: You have successfully restored your previous purchases.” Push the “OK” button. Then return to the home screen, press the “Levels” button and finally press the puzzle pack button of your choice to play the new puzzles. If this doesn’t work for you, please tell me in detail what error messages appear.

    Finally, if none of this helps you, and you are certain that you have been charged for the puzzle packs, then please try contacting Apple and asking them to refund your money. Apple is the one that runs the App store and handles all the transactions. But if you don’t get any satisfaction from Apple please let me know.

    Best wishes to you,

    Jay Bacal

  15. Laina commented:

    Totally love Chain of Thought! Thank you! One bug for me…… when I play and work my way through the levels and turn the game off to play again later, it does not save my progress and I have to start all over again. I would buy every level you make when this bug us fixed.

  16. Jan commented:

    Just got through playing the free Chain of Thought puzzles on the plane and in the airport we wanted to download the rest, but the 99 cent puzzles are all highlighted with a star that says “null” and they cannot be selected. Help!

    • admin commented:

      Hi Jan,
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble unlocking the additional puzzle packs. You will need to be connected to the Internet at the time you want to make the in-app purchase. Also you might try pushing the “home” button and then going back to “levels” screen. The main thing is you need a good Internet connection. Have you ever seen the number “.99″ inside the star instead of the word “null?” The word “null” will appear when your device can not make a proper connection with the App Store servers.

      Hopefully we can figure out a solution for you.

      Best wishes,

  17. Ashlee Biggs commented:

    I am having the same problem as the previous person. There is no way to buy the other puzzle packs. It just says null. I have tried every option in the game. I have completed the free puzzles. It will not let me even replay those. I have a full signal Internet connection on a 2nd generation 16gb iPod touch. Love the game, very addicting!!! Please help!

    • admin commented:

      Hi Ashlee,

      Unfortunately, our app does not appear to be fully compatible with the older Apple devices like the iPod Touch 2nd generation and the iPhone 3G. I do not understand why yet.

      Please make certain that your device is running the latest version of the iOS (which is 4.2.1 for the iPod Touch 2nd generation).

      If this doesn’t work, you may have to wait for the release of Chain of Thought Plus which will include unlocked versions of all the puzzle packs (current & future) for one lower “package deal” price.

      To replay a level, go to the “Levels” screen and press the “Sunrise” button. This should cause an alert to pop up asking you if you would like to reset everything. If this doesn’t work, you can go to the “Options” screen and press the reset button.

      I hope some of these suggestions help you and thanks for taking the time to tell me about your issues.

      Best wishes,

  18. shanae commented:

    did the new update… clicked the ‘levels’ button an it shut down an took me to my home screen. fix please :)

    • admin commented:

      Hi Shanae,

      We have already fixed the problem and submitted the fix to Apple for their approval. Their approval process usually takes about a week. In the meanwhile, there are currently 3 temporary solutions/workarounds:

      1)You can completely delete the program from your device and do a fresh install. You will lose any saved game data but the game should function perfectly after installing and you will be able to access all the new (and old) puzzles.

      2) If you’ve already updated, you can push the “Options” button from the main screen and then push the “Reset” button (this is the button with the 2 curving arrows on it). Finally push the “YES” button when asked if you are sure about resetting.

      3)You can simply wait for Apple to post the update with the fix in about a week (hopefully sooner).

      We are very sorry for causing this problem and will work hard to quickly resolve it.

      Best wishes,

    • admin commented:

      Hi Shanae,

      Just wanted to let you know that Apple approved the fix today. Please update your app to latest version 1.21

      Have fun,

  19. Tim commented:

    Chain of Thought does not correctly display the numbering of the puzzles if you return to the game in the middle of a pack. Example: I was on 56/75 on the Vacation Pack. CoT restarted the numbering at round 1 puzzle 1. It numbers the puzzles correctly after they’re solved, but while playing it says I’m in round 1 when it should say 11. Doesn’t interfere with gameplay, but probably needs addressing.

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