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If Boggle and Scattergories had a love child, it just might be “Search 4 It!”

From the husband and wife team that brought you “Chain of Thought” comes their newest word game sensation: “Search 4 It – the pop culture word search game!”


•New twist on word search games
•Super easy to learn
•Free hints if you need a little extra help
•Hundreds of fun categories
•Game Center Leaderboard to compare your score with friends

There are 50 free puzzles to test your word searching powers. Additional puzzle packs are available as in-app purchases.

So “Search 4 It” and find your next favorite word game!

download “Search 4 It”

6 Opinions have been expressed on “Search 4 It”

  1. Monroe commented:

    I recently downloaded search 4 it and paid the money to unlock the packs and the game froze up. What can be done?

    • admin commented:

      Hi Monroe, Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and try to make the purchase again.

      Best wishes, Jay

  2. Nancy Westra commented:

    I purchased the Search gma but it will not come up on my IPhone

    • admin commented:

      Hi Nancy, What do you mean by “it will not come up on iPhone.” Could you go into greater detail about exactly what you are seeing happen on your device.


  3. Sandra commented:

    I purchased Search for it; it shows installed, but does not appear on my iPad.

    • admin commented:

      Hi Sandra,

      Try using the search iPad feature by dragging your finger down in the middle of the screen and then typing the name of the app you are trying to find in the search bar at the top.

      Best wishes,

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