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Hello everyone!  We’ve just released our newest app “Get+Together — the picture association game.”

Download Get+Together for iOS

Download GetTogether for Android

Get+Together requires no nasty typing or spelling. Just read a definition like “aquatic animal w/ whiskers.” Then tap on 2 pictures to make a word or phrase that means the same thing — like the pictures “cat” + “fish.”

It’s that easy! It’s super fun!! And if you get stuck, the game comes with 3 levels of help — and the help is unlimited and always FREE!

◆colorful cartoon graphics
◆pop culture trivia
◆humorous visual puns
◆1000 different Get-Togethers
◆no nasty typing
◆no annoying ads
◆unlimited free hints
◆Game Center Leaderboard to compare your skills with the world

The first puzzle pack is FREE. Additional puzzle packs are available as in-app purchases. You can also unlock all current and future puzzle packs for one special low price.

We hope you find Get+Together as stimulating for your brain as we do!

Please let us know your thoughts, and we’d really appreciate your rating and reviewing all our apps.

Best wishes,
Jay & Julia



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  1. Sharon commented:

    So I downloaded your Get Together app from the App Store (iOS), but I cannot find it anywhere on my phone. I can find it on the App Store, but when I tap ” open,” nothing happens. So I cannot even reinstall the app . Can you help me ?

    • admin commented:

      Hi Sharon,

      Drag down from the middle of your home screen and search bar will appear at the top of the screen. Then type “Get+Together” to find the game on your device.

      Best wishes,

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