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From the husband and wife team that brought you RhymieStymie comes Chain Of Thought – the free association word chain game!

It’s super easy to learn and super fun to play.

Each puzzle is a journey for the mind.  Travel from “safe sex” to “love child”  along this word chain:  “safe>sex>drive>in>love>child.”

You never have to do any nasty typing.  Just tap the words in the word pool to complete the Chain of Thought.

There are 50 free puzzles to get you started.   And additional  puzzle packs for purchase if your brain begs for more.

*easy to learn
*will keep your brain happy and healthy with clever puzzles
*3 different modes of play:
*solo play mode – perfect for the supermarket line
*pass ‘n play mode – perfect for lying in bed with your sweetie
*online play mode – perfect for that friend on the other side of the country
*achievements to earn and a leaderboard to show off your mad skills
*no typing – just tap the words in the word pool
*2 levels of hints so you never get stuck

We hope you will love this word game as much as we do. Thanks so much for taking our new app out for a spin.

Best wishes,
Jay & Julia

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  1. Dolly commented:

    How can I purchase the chain of thought six pack, and how much does it cost?
    Enjoy this game so much but would like some new ones.
    Thank you.

    • admin commented:

      Hi Dolly,

      Currently, there is one free puzzle pack and five additional puzzle packs for in-app purchase. The in-app purchase puzzle packs cost 99 cents each.

      To buy a puzzle pack…
      1) make sure you have an Internet connection on your device
      2) press the Levels button from the home screen then press the button of the puzzle pack you wish to purchase
      3) enter your password when Apple asks for it
      4) wait a few seconds for the transaction to be verified
      5) enjoy the new puzzles

      In the future, I may create an option to buy all the puzzles for a reduced “package” price. I am also planning to release a new Bonus pack of additional free puzzles (along with a few new features) in about a month.

      Thanks for playing,

  2. Darby Bonsall commented:

    Can I contribute 20 pages of chained thoughts that I compiled because the game inspired my creativity…?

    • admin commented:

      Hello Darby,

      I am pleased to hear that our game has gotten your creative juices flowing! Unfortunately, for legal reasons we cannot accept any outside submissions.

      Best wishes to you,

  3. Linda commented:

    I love this game on my kindle fire, but it crashes on my ipad 2 as soon as I try to play an online game. Will this issue be fixed soon?

  4. Deborah Carson commented:

    I am an Activities Director for a nursing home, and our residents LOVE to play Chain of Thought. So much so that they have made a team to challenge the staff during National Nursing Home Week in May. We’d like to use the ‘rainbow brain’ logo for our “Brain Games” team T-shirts. I don’t see any trademark or copyright notice, but I wanted to ask how we could get permission to use it.

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