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Rhymie Stymie – the new super fun rhyming word game.

We give you a short clue like “swine toupee” and you have to come up with a two word rhyming answer that means the same thing … like “pig wig.”

Easy peasy, right?

Can you figure out the two word rhyming answer for “criminal crustacean?” Think the Godfather meets melted butter and a seafood bib. That right! The answer is “mobster lobster.”

Does a word game have to be visually boring? No way, Jose! Hey, even word game lovers deserve some visual bling. And we’ve got your bling right here, baby! The more puzzles you solve, the more cool firework displays you unlock—from soaring sunflower fireworks to frisky fish, from erupting volcano fireworks to exploding super novas.

Collect tons of achievements and improve your rhyming rank. Can you go from “Poet and don’t know it” all the way up to “Freakin’ Shakespeare?”

There are 6 different puzzle packs to tease your brain and tickle your funny bone. You can choose from “animals” to “food” and from “Grab Bag” to “Surprise.” There’s even a brain busting “Challenge” pack for all you super savvy wordsters out there.

So if word games FLOAT your BOAT,
don’t be TARDY to this PARTY…
It’s TIME to RHYME!!


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  1. Fran O. commented:

    I love the game and would buy more categories if I had the option to buy all categories at a discount.

    My practice regarding free (read ‘trial’) games that require you join a social website (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) in order to “enjoy the full benefits’ of the game (even ones I’ve purchased) is to delete and remove as soon as I’ve completed the trial.

    As for ‘free’ games then require me to buy into the game I only do so if I’ve had enough fun to warrant the cost. When I balance out cost vs fun I also factor in whether or not the game merchant notified downloaders of how much of the ‘free’ game is actually free.

    I doubt one comment will hange anything but I thought “What the heck. ”


    • admin commented:

      Hi Fran,

      Please check out RhymieStymie Plus:


      RhymieStymie Plus contains all the current (and future) puzzle packs for one price that is more than 50% off buying all the puzzle packs as separate in-app purchases.

      I hope this option works for you and that you continue to enjoy many hours of rhyming fun.

      Best wishes to you,

  2. ValerieAnn1218 commented:

    Why do I have to have a credit card number and information for what’s suppose to be free games?

    • admin commented:

      Hi ValerieAnn,

      RhymieStymie comes with 95 free puzzles. If you want to play more, additional puzzle packs are available as in-app purchases.

      We also offer RhymieStymie Plus with over 1000 puzzles for one special package price.

      Best wishes,

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